Saturday, August 20, 2011


So my healing knee was healing well until I fell on it yesterday, now it hurts like a  mother! I twisted my ankle on uneven sidewalk and fell onto my bad knee cause I was tumbling over. Of course instead of a railing or fence to balance on I had a bush filled with some kind of fallen leaves and a lamp post about a foot behind me.
Shit it hurt so much. But the worst pain of it all? Not being able to go on my walks. I'm now down and out. All I can do is sit ups, leg lifts, push ups, ect.
It now looks like a swollen mess. I've been elevating and icing but I think I ripped some scar tissue. It didn't hurt but then again it was in the area where I have my nerve damage numb stop from the surgery. But I was a good girl eating wise today I well I saw something pretty inspirational today. I was writing my coupons out with E! news on behind me. When I heard about this girl who lost 50 pounds and won the Junior Miss California pageant. It inspired me cause I look the way she used to and need to loose about the same amount of weight. Now I'm not going to run out and enter a pageant when I loose my weight but still I think it was really cool.
So that's it for today. Hopefully I can start walking again soon.

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