Monday, August 8, 2011

Holy NutMufflers Batman

I feel like total shit right now.
I went for my walk which was fine talked with my mom came back, and had to weigh our birds. Well for some idiotic reason the fair has a 5lb limit on the meat chickens. I have no idea why. They sell them after the judging so basically these people are getting boney shitty meat. Our birds are plump and happy and meaty. But the smallest ones are 6lbs.... I freaking hate that. I hope our scale is hella off so we can get our skuze deh french F@CKING money back.
And add to that my Hopeless Romantic trait rearing it's ugly head with what happened earlier today. And of course some other personal shit I feel icky. And sore.
The other thing? I feel huge. For the last two days I could swear I'm gaining weight not loosing it. I don't think I'm going to weigh in this week, not just because I'm scared witless of my weight but also cause I'm going to walk my ass off at the fair and also I'm not going to have any time!!
So yeah thats my rant for this post.

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