Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hocus Pocus

Why are they showing that movie in August? I don't really know since we have 2 1/2 months until Halloween. Oh well I love it just the same. But I never knew that MCGEE WAS IN THE MOVIE!! Yeah, NCIS fan here. Sorry. But yeah he's the little ghost boy.
I was freaking out about it at like 10:30 last night. My dog thought I was going insane.
So anywho I have something that I've been obsessing over. And that is the WDWCP and the DLCP. What do these random letters stand for?
WhatDoWackyCaterpillarsPlay? DoLovelyCatsPray? No no no.
Walt Disney World College Program and the Disneyland College Program.
I've been obsessing over these two since.... 06? Yeah around that time. And I am so excited to go! Just a little over half a year!! OMG!!


  1. Yeah I went to Stop and Shop to get some lettuce...they have Halloween candy out.

    What. The. Heck.

  2. I KNOW!! We were at some grocery store and they had Halloween candy out too! I was like wtf is that doing out?