Friday, November 11, 2011

Hi Again

Sorry!! I haven't been on lately because of my missing computer. I haven't gotten it back and I don't think I will because it might be shot... ugh!! On the diet front I LOST 1.5 LBS THIS WEEK!! Yaay!! My trick this week? I focused on my eating! Crazy right? The past weeks have been bad because I'm trying to compensate for my bad eating with exercise then I give up on some days. But this week I've been watching my eating, not soda still (Even when eating out!!) and I have been eating meals and not just snacking.
Next I'm going to work on eliminating candy, like lollipops, chocolate, sour patch and whatever. I want to make something that tracks my sugar intake. Like I can only have a candy bar or no dessert unless its after dinner, counting how many cookies I eat instead of just eating and then guessing. Once I have gotten into good solid eating I will focus back on good exercises and normal exercise habits.
Let's see I would also like to actually start looking at professional blogs and see how they talk and write. I want to start making my blog look pretty in the way I write instead of just writing like it's a public journal and putting as much thought into it as a Facebook status.
Hopefully there is better posts to come and welcome to new readers!! Hope there's more to come!!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Computer be Gone

And come back as a super gaming computer that is super de duper fast. Yeah my computer wont start so im banned to my phone for blog posts. On the diet game I think its doing well. My mind has been on top of my eating which is good for once. Im counting how many cookies I have and I ACTUALLY got a vitamin water instead of soda today! Im so happy! My no soda streak has been the longest so far! I need to mark my streak down. Workout is okay. I went shopping today which is nice. I got new shoes and some winter clothing. Size 16 fits comfortably across all brands which was nice and my thighs are a lot smaller now. But we were out late so I didn't get to workout. Tomorrow though I plan to have a nice regular workout since I had 4 1/2 miles yesterday because I was sick I didn't do the full 6.
So that's what's up.
Ttyl hopefully on my computer!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Can I Have a Medical Leave for a Broken Heart?

From school? I guess not since it was more of a self inflicted heartbreak. I know why it's called having a Crush because when you find out that they are infinitely happy with someone else it Crushes you. I knew it would happen, I hoped it wouldn't, but it did. It was the same one who I thought I saw in town and well it was confirmation and I fell ridiculous for hoping it wasn't. I thought I would keep my composure but I didn't when I went to bed. It just let it out and damn it felt good. Would of felt better if I had someone to let it out to but beggars can't be choosers right?
Well for more shitty news I gained .9 lbs. Thank God it wasn't more but still it was a gain. I'm super determined now though because of my broken heart. For once I'm not sitting there eating ice cream and crying my eyes out like this:
 (P.S. Check out the link, B1nd1 is an amazing artist)
Instead I want to loose the weight. So if someone comes along that I like I will have the confidence to talk to them AT LEAST!!  The last few days haven't been real good either, I got sick so exercising has been crap. I got a few minutes in on the BowFlex yesterday and 31/2 miles today on the bike. eating has been on track for the most part so it's been good.
Well that's all I have to say hehe. I feel okay emotional and sickness wise so... lets hope tomorrow is better.