Monday, November 7, 2011

Computer be Gone

And come back as a super gaming computer that is super de duper fast. Yeah my computer wont start so im banned to my phone for blog posts. On the diet game I think its doing well. My mind has been on top of my eating which is good for once. Im counting how many cookies I have and I ACTUALLY got a vitamin water instead of soda today! Im so happy! My no soda streak has been the longest so far! I need to mark my streak down. Workout is okay. I went shopping today which is nice. I got new shoes and some winter clothing. Size 16 fits comfortably across all brands which was nice and my thighs are a lot smaller now. But we were out late so I didn't get to workout. Tomorrow though I plan to have a nice regular workout since I had 4 1/2 miles yesterday because I was sick I didn't do the full 6.
So that's what's up.
Ttyl hopefully on my computer!


  1. hello stumbled across you blog and decided to follow along