50 Reasons Why

So I kinda stole this from Fat Girl in a Skinny World and I began thinking about all the things that I am doing this for. Now it's not 155 things long but I have a few things I want to say.

  1. Not have to choose whether or not I have to wear my "Sucky in shirts" because of the weather
  2. To not have to wear "Sucky in Shirts"
  3. Not have to suck in whenever I see a cute boy
  4. Sit without something on my lap to cover the fat the sticks out.
  5. Look at my shadow when I'm sitting and not see a shapeless blob
  6. Wake up and actually look like I did in the dreams
  7. Not have to have a second knee surgery
  8. Jump onto a stage or out of pool without looking like a beached seal
  9. Wear a sexy Halloween costume
  10. To actually have men flirt with me
  11. Be seen as attractive for more then just my boobz
  12. Have a profile picture that's more then my face
  13. Cosplay as a sexy or cute anime character and not look stupid
  14. Be seen as "the skinny tall buxom one"
  15. Not be seen as the "Fat One" in my group of friends
  16. Walk and or run a mile and finish under 10 minutes
  17. Wear a medium!!
  18. Be a good role model for my little sister
  19. Show all those who doubted me that they were wrong
  20. Have my outsides look like what I feel like on the inside
  21. To not sweat!! Oh I hate sweating!!
  22. Actually sleep under the covers during the summer
  23. Slouch once in a while and not feel like everyone's staring at my fat.
  24. Actually have a sincere compliment from someone other then my family and friends
  25. Have my stomach not actually be seen past my boobz
  26. Ask a boy out without feeling bigger then him
  27. Be able to go shopping without those skinny little 13 something bitches looking at me like I'm an insult to the misses section. 
  28. Wear high waisted pants without being able to see my fat roll
  29. Actually believe my mom when she tells me that girls are just jealous of me and that guys are actually attracted to me.
  30. Have a boyfriend/fiance/husband who is not necessarily "okay with bigger women" (I mean who wants to be limited by that?!)
  31. Not have "heavy Set" in my physical description
  32. Strut through somewhere (School, Mall, Store) in hot shoes and a smoken outfit and feel like I'm in one of those movies where it's in slow motion and everyone staring cause of how awesome I am.
  33. To run with my dog
  34. Not have to have a second knee surgery
  35. So I can model one day
  36. Do Pin Up one day
  37. Dress up as Jessica Rabbit
  38. Be able to be healthy and happy when I have kids
  39. Be a role model for my little sister
  40. Enjoy summer again
  41. actually have a waist taken in 
  42. sew my own outfits and costumes and not spend a fortune on fabric
  43. Feel pretty when looking in the mirror
  44. show everyone they were wrong about me
  45. break the mold
  46. change my life
  47. be noticed
  48. go shopping and not feel depressed
  49. dress like my age
  50. feel all in all better about myself