Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey Guys. I think I'm Converting

To my other blog.
Keeping two blogs is just a hassle. Plus I realized the more I write, think and occupy my time on weight loss the more I end up eating because of how overwhelmed I'm getting. So I'm deciding to take everything here and put it on Growing Up Unique.
That was my exploration of the paranormal, spirituality and whatnot but it's really evolved into something of just a day to day blog (even if I only post once a week) and I think it's just better that way.
So doen't expect to see very many updates on here if I don't take it down altogether.
Love you all,
I'm not quitting my weight loss. No no no. I'm just doing it in a different way.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

University Workout!!

As some of you may know I'm going to college for the first time this year!! From Monday to about five today I have been walking clear across campus back and forth from the dorms I was staying over night in and the main gathering center where everything was happening. And between that? We went to the gym. Yes I WENT TO A GYM. You know when you think about going to a gym for the first time and you're not bringing a friend and you've never been to one and you think people are going to judge you because of how big you are or because you don't know how to work the equipment? Well I can happily tell you NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! Everyone is there for the same reason, to get/stay fit. I saw this guy who was about a couple hundred pounds working out sweating his ass off. I was like DUDE GOOD FOR YOU!! GO!! It's crazy amazing these days how exercise equipment and gyms in general are so high tech. I could watch TV (the food network channel made me laugh XD) while walking a few miles, or on the elliptical also they had some TVs near the stationary bikes and this cool pully-army-butt-sliding-thingy (official name) that you could watch with subtitles. Really? Like I said about no one care how heavy you are, what you look like, if you can work the machines or not. Their muscles are burning so bad they probably don't even notice you. So for all those of you who don't go to the gym because you think people will judge you? Go. Try it out. This was my experience at a college gym no less which is the judgiest group of people and they didn't care. And if you leave dripping in sweaty? Just remember SWEAT IS FAT CRYING!! I never thought I'd have fun at a gym. Then again the only thing I've gone to our gym for is swimming soooo yeah. But yeah that's my gym overview. This again is only MY experience. You could just live in a town where people stare at you and judge you because that's what they do. And really? Just do it anyways. You're there to lose weight. To better YOUR life not better there's. Just give em the finger (mentally since people don't usually like that very much and you'd just be giving them a reason to judge you... yeah). I know that's hard to do. Believe me. I'm still struggling with that but that's a totally different story.
Anyways I had a BUNCH of fun, met cool people, and I am EXHAUSTED!! SO goodnight everyone!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Updates Updates Updates!

Hello everyone!
It's been forever since I blogged! Everything has been extremely busy and this was just another thing on my list so I crossed it off. No promises (because we all know what happens when I promise sh*t XD) but I hope to blog more.
Now back into business I am back down to 208. I weighed in at 208.2 last week and 208.0 this week which is pretty good for me! The only promlem and why I thought I was going to gain this week was because I didn't go to Air Aligned (Because I was studying for today's final) and next week is the last week for the WHOLE summer! And worse I won't be here next fall! I'll be in Reno starting college!! So I have to find myself something to keep me active, some friends from my Air Aligned group take swing (of which I have taken before but because of my insecurities about my body I stopped going)  and I'm wondering if I should take that back up again especially if I know some of the girls active in the group which would be nice. Plus my mom has promised to go bike riding regularly with me again (fingers crossed!). So if I can pick at least something up over the summer (after I get my license maybe going to the gym for swimming) I can keep this downward weight curve!

In Adele we trust ;)
Moving on from that, I saw a commercial for Dove I believe (I could be mistaken) that said that girls who are insecure with their bodies are more likely to drop out of sports such as ballet, soccer, and swimming at a young age. I didn't realize that it was such a big percent! I thought I was weird for stopping sports because I wasn't skinny. Volleyball was torture with the clingy fabric tops and tall skinny girls, forget dance with its wall of mirrors, and PE sucked. I really like that they're organizing self-esteem programs to help little girls who are like I was.

On my third point I would like to write about we went on a 12 mile hike the other day and I could keep up with 9 little girls (It was with my little sisters American Heritage Girl troop) plus the outdoorsy leader. By the end I was sore but I didn't feel like falling over exhausted. You have no idea how happy that made me.

The last bit of my update is how good I feel. This morning before taking a shower I saw myself in the mirror. I looked at myself and actually said I looked cute today, not just my face or the clothing I was wearing (since I wasn't wearing any cause I was getting into the shower) I thought that my body cute. Stomach and everything. It's good because I like the way my body is progressing. That is the first time that has ever happened to me. Ever. And I hope by the end of this journey I will think I look beautiful.

Well for now that is all and hopefully after the 8th (My Graduation!!) I'll have more time!!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

1 Year Aniversary

So I've been officially blogging for one year last month! This blog was started a little later but my first blog is one year old!! Yay!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Down Two

451 page views.... wow I think they count yourself looking at your own blog but I mean I'm sure I haven't viewed my own blog 400 times.... Anywho! I've lost two pounds this week yaaaay! And I've gotten back into Airaligned after a bunch of weeks missed. I have a performance and it sucks cause I have NO idea what I'm going to do!! Anyways my whole body seems to hurt. I need a chiropractor appointment!! Bleeh!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just Some Updates

So nothing much going on still.
Went and saw the Hunger Games on Friday and despite some hiccups in the story I thought it was overall, a good movie. They just could have done more.
Weight loss is okay, haven't really lost anything this last week which is weird since I've been working so hard. Every other day or so we're going and cleaning the horses which is hard work and of course there's Air Aligned on Tuesday nights and from Mon-Fri I clean a friends house so I'm up and active. And my eating has been excellent. I'm getting fuller quicker of course I've already said. I am tired this weekend. Between a project and homework I was working on for Tuesday, Honors stuff, college stuff, cleaning every morning, AirAligned, horses, other meetings, and the movie on Friday this weekend I am oddly relaxed. Tired but relaxed. Which is nice. I'm about halfway done with Mockingjay and so far I'm loving it. I like The Hunger Games best, then it would be Mockingjay and Catching Fire didn't really do it for me. It was more technical stuff that I wasn't really interested in, character development, plans, and politics. Not really my thing hehe. Well Hope you are all doing well!!