Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Updates Updates Updates!

Hello everyone!
It's been forever since I blogged! Everything has been extremely busy and this was just another thing on my list so I crossed it off. No promises (because we all know what happens when I promise sh*t XD) but I hope to blog more.
Now back into business I am back down to 208. I weighed in at 208.2 last week and 208.0 this week which is pretty good for me! The only promlem and why I thought I was going to gain this week was because I didn't go to Air Aligned (Because I was studying for today's final) and next week is the last week for the WHOLE summer! And worse I won't be here next fall! I'll be in Reno starting college!! So I have to find myself something to keep me active, some friends from my Air Aligned group take swing (of which I have taken before but because of my insecurities about my body I stopped going)  and I'm wondering if I should take that back up again especially if I know some of the girls active in the group which would be nice. Plus my mom has promised to go bike riding regularly with me again (fingers crossed!). So if I can pick at least something up over the summer (after I get my license maybe going to the gym for swimming) I can keep this downward weight curve!

In Adele we trust ;)
Moving on from that, I saw a commercial for Dove I believe (I could be mistaken) that said that girls who are insecure with their bodies are more likely to drop out of sports such as ballet, soccer, and swimming at a young age. I didn't realize that it was such a big percent! I thought I was weird for stopping sports because I wasn't skinny. Volleyball was torture with the clingy fabric tops and tall skinny girls, forget dance with its wall of mirrors, and PE sucked. I really like that they're organizing self-esteem programs to help little girls who are like I was.

On my third point I would like to write about we went on a 12 mile hike the other day and I could keep up with 9 little girls (It was with my little sisters American Heritage Girl troop) plus the outdoorsy leader. By the end I was sore but I didn't feel like falling over exhausted. You have no idea how happy that made me.

The last bit of my update is how good I feel. This morning before taking a shower I saw myself in the mirror. I looked at myself and actually said I looked cute today, not just my face or the clothing I was wearing (since I wasn't wearing any cause I was getting into the shower) I thought that my body cute. Stomach and everything. It's good because I like the way my body is progressing. That is the first time that has ever happened to me. Ever. And I hope by the end of this journey I will think I look beautiful.

Well for now that is all and hopefully after the 8th (My Graduation!!) I'll have more time!!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

1 Year Aniversary

So I've been officially blogging for one year last month! This blog was started a little later but my first blog is one year old!! Yay!!