Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not Monday but it's Musical!! (and a rip off XD)

Heyo everyone!!
Fat Girl in a Skinny World
Losing For Good
One Girl One Goal

These lovely ladies gave me the bug!!
So it ain't monday but hell I read it today so stfu.
Yeah it was crazy, I'm finally back in the groove! My mom and I went to the lake again to drop my grandmother off cause she had surgery, and well we stayed the night. It was so NICE without a dad and siblings. You have no idea!! It was so quiet! Its not that I don't want to go to the lake again I just don't want to go with my SIBLINGS! God I am in such an anti sibling mood today.
So enough about my problems lets get onto the MUSIC!!
I have a large variety of songs that I like to listen to. Most of them have nice beats to them and some of them just remind me of wanting to run and look badass (i.e. Sucker Punch soundtrack)

White Rabbit - Sucker Punch Soundtrack: So this makes me want to look like an action hero and run and like fight and shoot zombies and shit. I heart it.

Tomorrow Never Knows - Sucker Punch Soundtrack: Another kick ass song from the kick ass Sucker Punch movie

Rolling in the Deep - Adele: I LOVE THIS SONG because of the beat, it is so nice to have something that you can feel as your feet hit the ground.

Telephone - Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce: Another nice "beaty" song that is fun to walk with

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga: "Beaty" song

Born this Way - Lady Gaga: Not only does it have a wonderful beat but it also is so uplifting when your working out. I WAS BORN THIS WAY BITCHES!!

Evacuate the Dance Floor - Cascada: One of my first singer loves when I was little Cascada just makes me want to DANCE!!

Mambo No. 5 - Lou Bega: I'm a swing dance lover and this just also makes me want to dance, oddly enough my songs make me want to dance while I walk XD

Strip Me - Natasha Bedingfield: Just another great uplifting song

Sweet Dreams - Sucker Punch Soundtrack: Another sucker punch epicness

Teeth - Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga's songs are always beaty because of them being made for clubing music while I use it to walk with

Last Friday Night - Katy Perry: of course you can't work out without Katy!!

Ain't no Other Man - Christina Aguilera: Another swinging song

Candyman - Christina Augilera: Yes again ^^^

Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings: I love this, what I call "High School" genre. Cute lovey dovey young stuff. I mean cmon I am a teen ^.^

Forever and Always - Taylor Swift: Can't have High School genre without TayTay!!

Army of Me - Sucker Punch Soundtrack: Yes I love this song it's so sexy... someone mentioned on twitter that it reminded them of like a stripper song and really... it is.

United States of Pop 2009 - DJ Earworm: This mix is AMAZING!! I love this it reminds me of anime and I love to just have fun with this song

So What - P!nk: Can't have awesome workout without p!nk!!

U + Ur Hand - P!nk: ^^^^

Rumor has it - Adele: Another rockin Adele song with a heavy beat

Misery Business - Paramore: I love this song with a passion, just is kick ass

Crush Crush Crush - Paramore: ^^^^

Sticks and Stones - The Pierces: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, it's a really cool indy song that I like to call my supernatural song (no not the show) since it's like about vampires and witches and stuff.

Inner Universe - Yoko Kanno: This is a Japanese song, I got it from Ghost in a Shell series. Yoko's voice is so beautiful though I like to listen to her a lot.

Rise - Yoko Kanno: another Yoko Song

So yeah that's like what 26? Oh well I love them all!!

On another note that is basically totally unrelated I was watching The Soup. The one show other then Conan that I watch to laugh my ass off. They had something on Kelley Osborn and Christina Aguilera getting into and the guy they found on the interwebs was SO FUNNY!!

"Nothing raises a bitches eye brow more than one fat bitch calling another fat bitch a fat bitch! You know how they say sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you? Bitch thats a MotherF@ckin lie!"

Yeah I laughed my ass off!!

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