Monday, August 22, 2011

Running and Chickens

So first order of business on this second post of the day was running. I saw a poster today for the 9/11 5k run. I think I know what my aim is for next year. My birthday is Sept 17th so that's my 18th birthday wish (next year) is to walk it. Hopefully. Maybe even jog some. I mean I have a whole year to do it so you never know! I could be a runner by then but ya never know!! So that's for running and the next order is.

Now I really want to educate people on this.
I had a lot of questions during the fair about the different kinds of birds.
Now take your standard Buff Orpington
This is a normal everyday chicken, now this is not the same thing as a Cornish Meat Hen. These typically are what I like to call "Pet" chickens or egg laying chickens. They eat bugs and lay eggs and well are for the most part friendly. We do NOT eat these. At least most people don't unless they are the main source of food. Other chickens like this either lay eggs or are show chickens. And for the most part are not eaten.
Now these chickens are meat chickens, they are grown for meat. They are genetically made to be meat chickens, they only live for a few months, if their lucky a year. When they grow to a certain age they need to be butchered, and I mean NEED to be butchered. They begin to break down, their feathers begin to fall out, they get sores, bruises, and eventually their organs begin to shut down. The next time you go to bite into warm crispy piece of fried chicken, don't think "Oh poor chicken, I wonder how it felt to get your head chopped off!" rather think about how miserable life would be for it if it naturally lived out it's life. Falling apart slowly and painfully.
So many people were asking about why/if we chop up beautiful chickens when really we don't. We keep these and they eventually die of naturally causes.
Just a little info if you've ever wondered where your chicken meat comes from.

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