Monday, August 8, 2011

Is This What a Broken Heart Feels Like?

Okay okay I'm being over dramatic. I saw the guy I have a major crush on today.
Holding the hand of a short skinny long haired chick.
Yeah I think I went through the five stages of grief in like 2.5 minutes.
"No that's not him" "Shit that is him"
"Why didn't I ask him out earlier!"
"Maybe it's a short thing?"
"My heart hurts"
"Aw it's okay I signed up for this shit when I fell"

So yeah I guess I am now more then ever motivated to loose this weight and show him what he's missing.
I'm not angry at him just more at me though cause I knew I was being an idiot. For the first time I thought he was in my range, someone who I could maybe possibly be with. Unlike those unaprochable guys with a shitty attitude.
Part of me thinks he just entered my life for me to realize how I really wanted to be seen as pretty and try to do good for myself. Either way fate has a path and whatever happens happens for a reason.

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