Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shopping Day!!

Gosh I am so proud of my mom and I!!
We go on a huge shopping trip every month for food. Now usually we go and whatever we see that we like we pick up and throw it in the cart, I think this is why our eating has been so bad cause we say "Oh that looks good! Throw it in the cart! Oh yeah totally lets get that!" Then we get home with mostly just snacks rather than real meals and they end up being mostly junk.
But today we planned meals on the way down, I got a cool new app on my phone just called Recipes and I believe it's by cooks.com or some site like that. You can look up recipes and then create a checklist of the ingredients you need to buy. So I have two dinners lined up and got the ingredients. Then other than that I bought some Fiber One + Antioxidants Yogurt Berry something-or-other. Tea for sleeping better, tomorrow is start over day and I am hella ready.
Our shopping cart to car to fridge is stocked with fresh veggies and healthy grains.
I'm excited and had an awesome day. Tomorrow I'll try out the bowflex and maybe take some before pictures.
SO all in all a great start to a new beginning/rebirth lololololol.



  1. Hi, new follower. Grocery shopping becomes easier as your mind is more set to make the right decisions for your health. it's a wonderful state of mind! :)

  2. Hello!!
    I'm so happy to have you here!
    Welcome to my humble little corner in the asylum!
    This is probably the first time that my mom and I were on the same page shopping wise. Since we're a family of 5, I usually just eat what we have which is usual kids food and stuff because of my siblings. So now that we have meal plans and healthy food I'm really excited to have it in the house.