Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christmas Dress, Old Shorts, and Art Tour

A very very good day today.
I woke up at like 10 or so, ate got dressed and there is where the first good thing happened. It was hot today (Thank got it's not in the 90s but for fall it was hot out) so I was looking for shorts. I couldn't find my shorts so I looked in this pile of sweatshirts. I found an old pair of shorts. I don't know what possessed me to put them on but I did. I wasn't even thinking. I just wanted shorts! These shorts haven't fit me in years. I haven't looked at the tag so I don't know what size they are. But it was an amazing feeling. No shimmying, no sucking in, no stuffing. Just sliding in and zipping up. It was amazing. I bounced around my room. I left the house feeling awesome. I also ate right and well that leads me to my next subject which is the Art Tour. All today we went around our town to different studios, talked to people, I had an assignment to interview three artists and take pictures. Well we went to about 6 different places one of them featuring around 10 artists by itself. In all we saw about 24 artists today. It was so much fun and it really solidified my decision of being an art student. I think, when you can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to do what you do, is when you know you are in the right place. I also finally have ideas for what I want for Christmas. Because of limited funds we have to put things on layaway now for Christmas that way we can HAVE a Christmas.
And that brings us to The Christmas Dress Update, with the shorts thing I think it's going really well. I mean I've at least dropped a size in shorts so how is the rest of me going? Plus my tops are looser so yeah good good.

And for day 8 and 9!! (Ya see what happens is I open up a new post and go to write and sometimes write a little something then close it and think I post it so whatev.)

This is Before the Dawn which is from Evanescence's first album I believe. Enjoy!!

This is Lies which is another from their first albums. These also aren't official videos either so yeah.


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