Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eat More Chocolate, Have Less Strokes

Yeah I saw this on this mornings news that said women who ate more chocolate were less likely to have a stroke. Hahahaha I like it.
Anywho today was intense workout day. I biked at least two miles, but most of it was uphill. It was gradual and it sucked but I felt really accomplished by the end and was able to fly down the other side. I only got off once to walk my bike up the hill. Then after I walked a half a mile afterwards. Needless to say I was sweaty after and I did a few minutes on the bowflex after. I really hope this is all paying off. I'll be weighing in on Friday so it will be a whole week. *fingers crossed*
Other than that I had an awesome day at school, had fun. I also finished my math which is awesome. All my teachers liked my hair, said I looked very Rosie Riveter which was cool since that was what I was going for. So all in all a good day!!

Day Four of Evanescence Month with My Immortal

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