Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 I Mean 23 Days of Evanescence

I came up with this a few days ago, I wish I had done it earlier so I could do a full 31 days, but since I didn't here are 23 days of my favorite band of all time.
I've loved Evanescence since like 9.... maybe 10 years old.
The band is an Alternative Gothic genre so, in the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd post the videos and songs of, in my opinion, the best band on earth.
But before that though today was my second day on the bowflex and I think it was great today. I think what happened yesterday was that I wasn't into it very much, I was still not eating right (I had like seven pieces of bacon, yeah I know) so I just didn't have a good workout. But today I felt it, it was a good workout and I could feel my muscles working. So yeah that was nice and I started eating right again. YAY FOR STARTING GOOD!!
And now here is Going Under by Evanescence kicking off day one!!

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