Monday, October 10, 2011

Day Three!!

Of Evanescence month!! Yay! So before that I guess I should recap my day. I started out waking up at noon, as usual since last night I turned everything off at 9:30 and did fall asleep until 1 FREAKING AM!! God I try to get to sleep early but what happens? My brain doesn't shut off!! So yeah, hopefully tonight I'll go to sleep! Other than that it's raining so no bike ride and I'm forbidden from my treadmill by my doctor because of my knee. So onto the BowFlex I went and had a nice workout. Thank God for that thing or I would be stuck on the floor doing normal sit ups and shit. So yay!!
Anything else.... nope think that's it.
Onto the music!!

Day three I present Bring Me To Life

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