Thursday, October 27, 2011

Broke Ass

And not just money wise. My butt hurts!! From ridding mah bike. Yay I worked out today and I ate right!! Finally! Now lets see if we can keep this up, especially for the next few days which at the time i'm usually working out I'll be at the haunted house doing make up. I rode 6 miles today though, and tomorrow is weigh in. I not looking forward to it. I look bigger today and feel bigger today which sucks, but I'm bracing for the + sign, I hope OH I HOPE it will be - but I won't be completely destroyed if its a +. I think that's why I gave up last time, I had been doing so well then out of the blue I gained three then four then five pounds.
Ugh I hope tomorrow will start off good with a loss!!

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