Monday, October 24, 2011

Holy Nut Muffins!!

I kicked my ass today. Really really kicked my ass. I biked for like 40-45 minutes up hill and down hill. It hurt so much!! But I did it and I drank water only after drinking soda for two days straight. I'm a little puffy but I know I worked hard today and ate right. So I think we're back on track. I'm wearing a dress today, I always was too uncomfortable to wear it and I bought it like a year or two ago yet I never wore it out in public. Tonight I actually will.
Sorry I didn't post the Evanescence Video yesterday. I was just too out of it.
In other news I found that I do want to run a 5K.
The 5K of my choice?
I've been hearing about this for like months now but I never really thought about doing it. But I watched videos of it today and I thought "Hell! I can do that!!"
For those who don't know, it's basically a 5K with obstacles mixed with capture the flag football. You get I think 4-5 flags that you wear around your waist and run from zombies, all while throwing yourself through chain link fences and over hay bales.
Yes I said zombies.
If your flags run out you are "dead" but if you make it to the end with at least one flag you are "alive" idk if you get a prize if you survive but they had at the end a "Dead" or "Alive" side, it may be to see how many people survived but whatever.
If you guys have any suggestions on how to train for it I would be grateful hehehe!!
Here's the day 16 and 17

Cloud Nine by Evanescence

Weight of the World by Evanescence. I'm not sure if I've already done this.



  1. Hi, Hon

    I sent you an email with the UPS tracking number. According to UPS's website, the package has been delivered to the address and someone has signed for it.

  2. Thank you, I got it and it's wonderful! Thanks again.