Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Don't get all excited, but my brother and sister were offered by a modeling company to go to their studio (of course). My dream is to model but I NEVER thought I could, now that I'm loosing weight I thought it might be something for the future.
My sister (bless her heart) asked if I could come to their "try out" or whatever it's called,  probably to indulge my little sister the lady said I could come, she also probably didn't think I was 206lbs. Another thing is my sister said their company works on the show "Shake it Up" for Disney. That's when my mood changed on the subject. They work with Disney?!
I wish I was farther along in my weight loss journey so I could at least have a chance at showing them what I've got. They'll probably take one look at me and go "She's got a pretty face, but she's not exactly what we're looking for," ya know in the way they talk like you're not in the room. But at least hire my brother or sister!! Modeling for Disney would be great for them and hopefully maybe great for me down the line.
I don't know what to expect on Saturday. Of course if it's near 4 I won't be going because of my Haunted House duty.
Can I just go off and fantasize for a minute?
Can I just pretend like it will go on like a dream and happen like I want it too?
We will walk in and they will see all three of us together and hire us on the spot. We will then be whisked off to LA where we'll get our pictures taken and sent to Disney who will like us so much that they call us before we walk out the door of the studios. They'll hire us for a new sitcom or something and we'll get our paycheck immediately and become famous and have a great Christmas and pay my grandmother off and our debt and whatever and live happily ever after, right RIGHT?! Then I will get hired to do movies for Disney after college. 
I wish.
Oh I didn't work out today again.... I know
Evanescence day 17
Snow White Queen


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