Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hope You Don't Mind That I Put Down in Words

How wonderful life is when I'm listening to Elton John.
Yeah corny I know.
Anywho another day is through and I am ready for an early (Well early to me) bed time. I'm an artist so naturally as is my species's culture I am to go to sleep really late working on something as inspiration strikes at midnight. But not tonight!! I'm breaking the trend!! Well trying to.
You see I've been breaking a lot of bad habits lately
Some of them include:
Nail Biting
Hair Plucking (yeah I know but it's been a while since I did that)
Late Bedtime
Bossiness to my siblings.

SO yeah that's along with the diet and work out, so that's nice for me.
Time for good ol Elton to sing me to sleep.
Night all. 

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