Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Body Shape

So I thought I should take some time to explain me, my shape and my past.
I was born Irish and Italian (amongst other things but those are the main two) so naturally I was going to be big, and not just in a fatty kind of way. I have large shoulders and long legs. I have 11 size foot, and of course the ever so important large chest.
I hated my body when I was little.
I was always huge compared to the little kids in my grades, it's weird thinking about it now because I always felt so small compared to my friends personality wise. I wasn't shy per say, but I always took a background roll.
Another fact was that I'm a curly red head (my Irish background) and my parents always cup my hair to have bangs. Well it you've ever cup curls short they spring up. So I was a huge girl with a hedge growing on my forehead.
Back to my size, when I hit puberty I of course grew in the obvious places. But the way I grew was another story, all of a sudden I had an ass and boobs. I had to wear a bra before most of my friends even knew what they were. And when I was about 12-13 I began to loath my body even more. Before I was just bigger, now I thought I was deformed.
Everything I tried on in my age group looked warped and weird on me. I couldn't fit into the cute tops and pants that my friend wore. I never was able to barrow clothing.
I hated shopping, I always was depressed by how I had to wear young adult clothing at 14.
I just began to wear whatever I could fit into. Sometimes I wore a pair of baggy jeans, t-shirt, huge sweatshirt and a beanie. I looked like a made up girl in guys clothing (I liked make up since it was the only feminine thing I could do with my body)
Then, one day, I can't remember which I realized, women all over the world are going under the knife get get what I have. They stuff their bras, buy "magical" underwear, and shove silicone under their skin to gain what I was born with.
This revaluation began to change my whole perspective on the world, I would watch movies, TV shows, read magazines anything and see women with plastic boobs, faces, butts. And none of them compared to what I naturally had.
Once I had gotten over my image problems I began to focus on the fat.
I love my body, I hate my fat.
I want the fat gone.
Now in a short 10 year span I have totally changed my look on myself and the world.
And finally I'm ready to change myself for good.
Oh and btw I've grown out my bangs so my hair doesn't look like a red topiary.
So that's me.
Thanks for reading

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