Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh Lawdy!

So only a little bit since I'm tired.
So I just got back from the somewhat most stressful days in my life. Okay maybe that's an exaggeration but still.
Vacation my ass.
My grandmother was just picking a fight in everything and my sister has been sooooo evil.
So yeah I'm done with this shat.
The only thing that was nice was when I wasn't with them and I was in the water.
Unless my whole family is going I'm not going back up there.
Only good news on the weight loss front is that I got to swim.
My knee is great in the water and I think I lost a pound or two.
I haven't weighed myself yet so for all I know is I could of gained 5 pounds.
Another piece of good news is I am cutting waaaay down on my consumption.
So now instead of stuffing myself and snacking on emotion I now eat when I'm hungry and only as much as my stomach can hold! So yeah I'm good.
That's all for now but I have a lot more ranting left for tomorrow!!

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