Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Dream of Skinny

Its true too
Every dream I have is of me being skinny
It's weird and mostly depressing cause then I wake up and well.... its not there or there's too much there =__=

So let's get this shat started!
I am currently 217lbs as of yesterday
Now that is a large change from my starting weight which was 224-225.
Now I'm having some difficulties not knowing how accurate the Wii is for weighing
I weigh myself on there and it says I'm in the teens while I go to the doctors and the digital scale says 226. I am so confused with that. I'm not told to take off my shoes or brace so idk if that makes a difference at the doctors office.
Anywho I think I might just need to do a measuring tape to be sure with progress.
I'll try to do a weekly post of my weight and measurements.
I started yesterday so I have everything on my calender.
One more thing about me and how work.
I have a knee problem, I just had surgery 5 weeks ago and yet to get a physical therapist.
I will be doing as much as I can for the next 10 weeks which means my final week will land around my birthday which is in September.
My goal is 165 (and I know I won't reach that by then but at the end of each of the 10 week intervals I would like to be there or at least close)
So this is me.
Open for the world and ready to work hard.
Please follow me on my path

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