Friday, July 29, 2011

Good News!

So I FINALLY got to weigh in today aaaand!
I'm down two pounds flat!!
That means finally after months of going on and off of diet and exercise I have lost 11 pounds reaching a I guess mile stone.
So as my new shiny rewards thingy says I get a movie!!
And for some reason this Harry Potter geek hasn't seen the new movie so me and mah mumma are going to see it!!
I'm going to cry!! Yay!
Shed some water weight lololol.
So yeah. Yay me, It's been two weeks since I seriously started this so all of you lovely visitors who read this are probably going "SHUT UP YOU'VE ONLY BEEN AT THIS FOR LIKE A LITTLE BIT! STFU!"
well I'm sorry that I'm enthusiastic!
So a lot to go and I hope that I'll have some rewards in my future for my work. Or more money to reward myself. KINGDOM HEARTS FOR THE PSP HERE I COOOOME!!

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