Friday, September 30, 2011

Come on BowFlex!

I want the BowFlex to come on!! I need to work out!! I know I know I could be giving some effort before it but I haven't and actually it has been a very enlightening experience. I didn't notice before but even if I wasn't dropping pounds every week yet I was still eating right and keeping up with some kind of exercise that I felt a lot better. Lately I have been breaking out, feeling greasy, not sleeping right, and feel really REALLY heavy all the time. Like literally I feel heavier than last time like I ate a dumbbell or something.
I never thought I would miss working out!! But I do! And I've found that after noon I start to go downhill with my eating, I'll start out great. Eating good portions, good food, but by dinner I'm horking down anything that's set out in front of me. It's bad, I need to get back on plan again. *sigh*


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