Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great Great Day!

So I was home alone for the night since my family went camping, I didn't sleep very well and didn't get out of bed until noon, but when I got up I had a fiber one chewy bar and then I walked 7/10ths of a mile on the dreadmill then I showered and ate breakfast. I felt so proud of myself!! I'm going to go for an actual walk tonight since it's so nice outside!! It is cloudy and cool, and NOT HUMID! Which means it's so freaking awesome outside. SO I'm going to take the small doggy out (He freaking loves his walks! He gets so excited!) and go around the neighborhood, I'm not going to let the numbers get me down this time. My mom said that for a few weeks instead of weighing in we'll measure in. It's not as accurate for me but we'll see what the numbers say in a few weeks. Let's hope their good! I'm also detoxing from soda, I haven't had one in two days which is good, I'm having tea instead which is nice.

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