Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shit's hit the fan

And I really hate it.
I mean what the fuck did we do wrong? scuse de french but seriously!
It seems God, Fate or whoever the Hell runs this place is pissed at us or something and wants us to suffer. I really feel that way. I've live YEARS with this kind of shit and really it hasn't gotten better. Yes I have had a lot of blessings but the cons seem to outweigh the pros. It really is starting to make me feel like we are just stupid insignificant specs that don't deserve anything! I am so determined to get out of high school  and make money and a name for myself so that I can give whoever is trying to keep me and my family down the big fat finger. Sorry but that's how I feel right now and I'm working on not apologizing for what I feel or who I am. So there.

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