Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Awesome Day

I had an awesome day today, I got to feel the love from my two teachers. I had come out of the bathroom at school and they were telling eachother that
"Cassie is awesome!" now I was totally oblivious cause there's another girl named Cassie but then they called me over and told me that I was awesome and talented and what not and it was the best feeling ever for me. It was crazy and I was so honored to have people think of me like that. Then I had to do like a review of people's stories in creative writing, two stories actually and so the two I was reviewing reviewed mine and each others. They liked my work, that was so amazing for me cause I just thought my mom and teacher like it, that's in no one outside of my little bubble will like it blah blah blah but they did! Someone I barely knew liked my work!! Yay!! I know that being an author is what I'm meant to do and the haters can hate but there are some that like my work!! Yay!!

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