Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BowFlex Update and Celtic Fair

I have two pieces of news. The first is WE ARE GETTING THE BOWFLEX!! AND I LEARNED HOW TO SPELL IT! So yeah that's awesome. A completely new unused bowflex with the training dvd. All that for free from a friend (Who is totally fit anyways) who doesn't like looking at it in his bedroom anymore. For the most part right now I don't care what my mother thinks about it since mentioning it she went quiet and cranky. So Whatever I will use it. She wants to throw a hissy fit well then *talk to the hand* anywho I'm really excited for it, we're picking it up on Saturday so that is going to be the awesome hugh ass starting day or restarting day for it. Yes I'm moving the restarting date again.
Weight Watchers.... really?
One last think before I get onto more exciting news. A friend well really my Aunt she is so close to us, took this picture of a slice of Weight Watchers bread. So all of those who are on it and it works good for you but I think it's kind of a farce (I love that word!!) I mean this is just hilarious to me.

Anywho lets continue to the next bit of news, I'm going to the Celtic Festival!! I'm so very excited and the best part is I'm going to be dressing up! We bought some fabric today and we're going to work on it all tomorrow. I'll take some pictures after we buy the bodice on Friday since that's one thing we don't want to make ourselves, it's so hard to make one that we might as well leave it to the professionals.
So that's that. Good news all around. Hopefully some more good news later on this week.


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  1. The bread pic totally random, really?! LOL.

    I looked through your 50 reasons, it's awesome. Go get it!! :)

    A new Bowflex? Lucky!!! Now, use the hell out of it!