Friday, September 23, 2011

Bitch Week is being a... Well Bitch

Yeah, that about rounds it all out.
I am having almost everything that comes with Bitch Week. I'm bloating and retaining water like no ones business, I'm having the worst mood swings, I'm fatigued, acne and of course the hall important main point of Bitch Week. It's just so angering!!
I mean I don't have cramps THANK GOD! But really?
Not only are women cursed with acne, cramps, and whatever other shit they can throw at us but they give us mood swings and make us fat...ER! Really? I'm already fat enough now you bloat me and curse me with a bad attitude? Nice. Just nice.
I really don't want to be out in public until this is over but I have to cause of the Draft Horse Classic and my brothers working there.
And of course they have yummy fatty food. Garlic fries, cotton candy, caramel corn, shiz like that. AND THEY HAVE A PIE STAND!! OMFG!! Want want want!! And shaved ice, but thats like low calorie right? It's ice which is frozen water and my favorite bubblegum flavoring!! So yeah that's what's going on.

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