Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've Got a Bad Romance!

With bread!
I've been craving bread SO hard lately! But with regular sandwiches I've kept it pretty much under control. Of course my dad brought home doughnuts! Not his fault though cause I haven't really announced my gluten freeness. I was able only to take a little bite and put down the bready goodness without binging. For breakfast I had Special K cerial with a colby jack cheese stick and half a vitamin water and now I'm chewing gum to keep me over until "lunch" which should be around 3 since I've been having trouble sleeping and I got up at noon AGAIN!
It'll be hard but I have to reset my clock.
Another change is I will physically write down my calories and watch them as eat. It's gonna suck but I really have to do it this time.
Yesterday was a great day though, I watched my food and I think I did really good along with a little work out at the end with my sister.
I really hope my feelings are right about this year for my weight loss and life in general. I hope there will be a big change.

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