Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm sosososooooo sorry! It's been so hella busy lately and crazy around here! Every time I've tried to record or post a video I've been interrupted by my mom or siblings! GAH!
Well I might as well report my stuff now!
I weighed myself and I am now 209! Not my lowest but that means I lost about 4.9 lbs! I think it was cause I was deflating after Bitch Week before and I was 214 but I deflated and have LOST since then so YAY! Uh eating has been okay... I've been eating goood portions but... my food choices haven't been... up to par. I've been eating Cheez-its and sugar cereal! This is why we can't have this crap in the house! I'll eat it!! Gah!! Well Tomorrow is detox day. I've been overeating a little too during dinner so I need to cut that down and go back on plan. Yeah that's about it.... BYE!

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