Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey all

Oh dreamy me!
How come when one busy time ends another one starts?
I have:
College Apps
Financial Aid
Homework and school grades
and on top of all that daily teenage hormones oh and dieting! It's been crazy.
I gained a lb last week which sucks. I need to relax, get everything back in line.
I just want to sit and watch my teeny dramas in peace!!

Well other than that exercise has been below satisfactory, with the fact that I'm only doing one whole day of real activity at airaligned. I would like to try the treadmill since it's finally started raining here. I have this weird thing that happens in my head I think. When I loose a large or good amount of weight it's like
"Oh! Okay now I can go and screw off, overeat and bing all I want because I lost the weight!" really it's like WTF! That's not how it's suppose to work! I'm suppose to loose the weight and be motivated to loose more! Not eat more!

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