Monday, March 19, 2012

Wait? It's still monday?

Yeah I couldn't get to sleep last night. I should have just broken out Mockingjay and I could have been productive but instead I just tossed and turned and talked to myself. And I had to get up at 8 this morning. Bleeeeh. I had to go to an interview with some other kids to talk to the WASC people who give private schools their charter or something like that. Then I had to go clean which was fine. Then I napped for like 4 hours and I'm still tired so I might be able to sleep tonight. But more than likely I'll lay in bed and not sleep tonight. Which means. READING!! Hurrayyyyy!!
I got's a hot date toniiiight!!
In other news I have crappy bloating today which sucks. But this too shall pass. I need to cut down on salt again.
Anywho not much to report.


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