Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just Some Updates

So nothing much going on still.
Went and saw the Hunger Games on Friday and despite some hiccups in the story I thought it was overall, a good movie. They just could have done more.
Weight loss is okay, haven't really lost anything this last week which is weird since I've been working so hard. Every other day or so we're going and cleaning the horses which is hard work and of course there's Air Aligned on Tuesday nights and from Mon-Fri I clean a friends house so I'm up and active. And my eating has been excellent. I'm getting fuller quicker of course I've already said. I am tired this weekend. Between a project and homework I was working on for Tuesday, Honors stuff, college stuff, cleaning every morning, AirAligned, horses, other meetings, and the movie on Friday this weekend I am oddly relaxed. Tired but relaxed. Which is nice. I'm about halfway done with Mockingjay and so far I'm loving it. I like The Hunger Games best, then it would be Mockingjay and Catching Fire didn't really do it for me. It was more technical stuff that I wasn't really interested in, character development, plans, and politics. Not really my thing hehe. Well Hope you are all doing well!!


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