Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Baaaaack

Hey all!
I am soooo sorry I've been MIA lately! As I think I posted before my computer crashed. I thought it was going to be a simple fix but instead I had to go through the insurance process to get a new one. Yep new computer!! So here I am again!!
I guess I should update a little. Last time a weighted in I was 206 again!! That was a loss of 3lbs I think the week i weighed in so that is good.
I've changed my plan again, I think for the better. Before I was overeating then being like "Oh well let's just go work my ass off" well that would just balance my weight out or not even help it. Now I'm working out a min of 3 times a week and I've added some new little things to my workouts. Because of the weather and the winter coming I haven't been able to get out and ride or walk so instead on Sundays we're going to the horses and I'll ride there.
Now you might think "Riding a horse? HA! That's not a workout!" well then I say HA to you! and another HA! Because my thighs and stomach muscles hurt like HELL for three days afterwards! You have to grip with your legs and keep yourself up with her stomach muscles. At the time you won't notice it but afterwards you will.
Another thing is AirAligned
What is this you ask? Fist off I did my first lesson on Monday and my whole body still hurts today ON FRIDAY!!
Second here is the basics, I've only learned the first three moves she does (except I was able to touch the ground and I wasn't up in the air yet)
Of course to my favorite band Evanescence.
But this is working your WHOLE DAMN BODY! You're basically lifting your body weight into the air which for me means hoisting 206 lbs into the air by my arms or legs. Yeah it's intense but its HELLA FUN!! I've always wanted to do gymnastics but I always thought I was way too fat and I have no upper body strength. But I joined this because I have two friends from school who help and participate in the class and my little sister is in it too.
It's really fun but REALLY rare at least I think...
Of course all the other girls other than my friends who are average height and weight, are like 90lbs soaking wet and have been doing this for a little while. Great. Little girls in leotards and me.... yeah but its not competitive, the girls are really nice so far and there is no judgment. Over these last few weeks I realized that even if I get dirty look from people who think I'm to fat to workout or whatever they think (I mean really why would you think like that?!) I find that I'm there for myself not them and I am there to loose weight. So screw them and their negative thoughts and feelings. I'm here to make myself better not to make them happy.
So that's all for now

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  1. This kinda makes me want to do yoga.