Friday, December 30, 2011

Blaming the Mall for Once

For once instead of blaming myself for being "shaped badly" I blamed the mall for the sizing problem! It's not my fault! No matter how much weight I loose I will always have my big boobs, butt, and shoulders which will make shopping still hard! Today in Forever 21 my mom brought me the CUTEST dress! It was a flowly dark pumpkin orange with little black cats all over it and a synched waist. It's cuter than it sounds really! I tried it on and I couldn't get it past my boobs. Never mind my stomach but my chest was way too big for the little size L dress. Another thing about that store that I now resent is EVERYTHING goes up to a L and a 10 in shoes. ONE size smaller than my actual size. It really pissed me off. It's so discriminatory!! I applaud the stores like Forever 21 for opening plus size but they have a miniscule selection of not really great things that is also secluded to the internet.
One store that I am now newly in love with is H&M. Their prices are SO nice compared to Delia's or Wet Seal. And their stuff is nice modern styles. Another thing is I actually fit some of the things I chose. I bought an ADORABLE little black shirt and a floral skirt there today, I wish I had the money to buy the floral shoes at Forever 21 that actually fit which was weird cause the size 10 in the other shoes were like three sizes too skinny width wise. But I could of paired that with some cute tights and a cardigan. hehe okay this isn't a fashion blog although I'm pondering opening one....
Back onto the topic at hand. Most stores in the mall only went up to the size Large! What the Hell is up with that?! I can't believe how down hill everything's gone size wise. plus my sister can fit most of the large tops and dresses comfortably in most of these stores and she's 10!
Well asides from that and on a happy note I'm a size 14 dress! I took a picture of myself in the H&M size 14 black dress. I will upload it later.
Well I'm tired so I'll talk to you all later!


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